Germany's best premium e-liquid assortment


Vapewunder, a premium e-liquid vendor in Germany, with large customer base needed new e-commerce website with AI-based curation system to automate their business.


Being the largest e-liquid assortments in Germany, Vapewunder wanted to adopt a new 'Surprise box' model in eCommerce where the customer gets the e-liquids curated perfectly upon his interests without picking the products and placing the order.


At the very beginning of the project, we realized that this was not like yet another eCommerce site. To create a curation algorithm we had to adopt Artificial intelligence(AI) technology. Regarding payment gateways, HeidelPay and Paypal were alone available to support Vapewunder in Germany.


Our design and development teams started to work together and came up with the online shop first using Magento. Since Vapewunder is into e-liquid business, age verification was the first filter to be embedded. This had to be done with the help of Schufa, an information and service partner to corporate and private customers in Germany. For that, a plugin had to be built from scratch for Magento 2.1.8.

Meanwhile, the curation algorithm was being developed by the experts at Digiryte using Python Pandas. This is by far the most intelligent curation system built for an e-liquids store. Just by having the most basic data given by the customer, the system is able to pick the right flavours matching his interests and make on order at the intervals chosen by the customer. This curation system evolves into its better by analysing the ratings & reviews given by the customer for the products received.

When it came down to implementing the payment gateways, we realized the need to build 3 more plugins for Magento from scratch while hurdling the API alteration problems throughout the project development phase.


Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine learning(ML), Python Flask, Python Pandas, Magento.