About the Company

Cakes by Mehwish is a bespoke cakery business located in Preston, Lancashire, that specialises in baking creative and mouth-watering customised cakes for all occasions. Cakes by Mehwish now use their website to showcase their creations and share information about their services


  • Crafting elegant cake specific website designs
  • Organising their website Information flow
  • Focused with colour psychology, appealing combinations are chosen for the website to attract the audience
  • Setting visualising points to showcase their cake-crafts which create a selling point to attract customers.
  • Create Industry specific Content Management System (CMS) allowing the client to update the website themselves.
  • Securing website from external vulnerabilities.
  • Setting a chat application integration within the website.

Service Terms

  • Website design
  • Custom Wordpress
  • Responsive design
  • UX and prototyping
  • Information architecture
  • Brand awareness
wireframe-1.png wireframe-1.png wireframe-1.png


  • Creating the basic structure for the website.
  • Bridging the balance between the design and the colour to make the website look appealing.
  • Once the structure and the balance of the website is defined, the complete graphical design is made for the homepage.
  • When the attraction point is visualised with the home page, we design other pages graphically.
  • When the page designs are approved, contents are integrated to the website design.


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