National Healthcare Services for individuals in the United Kingdom


A collaborative platform on the web for NHS to deliver the right information to the patients in need.


NHS being the most reputed healthcare service provider for the UK citizens, wanted a digital platform to cater necessary information to the patients and GP while some of the information was to be provided in the most discrete way possible.


The first challenge was to build a universal login for both GP and patients. A further complication was the need for authentication to allow just one session for a user in any instance across any device. The active directory listing was to be made with the patient records and GP details as well. Above all, the primary challenge was at giving every single user, the appropriate rights to access only the associated information.


Since the project was directly associated with the personal information of many individuals every single issue regarding privacy was addressed with utmost care by our expert developers.


Single Sign-On(SSO) was found to be the most effective approach to let the users login to all networks of NHS like Northern Neonatal Network, Northern Trauma Network, etc. The default SSO codes were customized to work both via LAN & cloud.

To prevent intruders, multiple sessions were to be eliminated. This was achieved by adding a security layer above the login page to check for active user sessions and deny the access if any.


Not all data to be made available for everyone. The database including Patient details, prescriptions, etc is to be added only by GP. This access limitation was made using custom User Access Control.

Patients are given the rights to view their GP record (which includes coded information about allergies, immunizations, diagnoses, medication and test results). There were times when awesome security related innovations popped up during this stage of the project.


To make the platform more lively, our design experts at Digiryte had to do behavioural research to analyze the user experience and interactive elements were added to the product. From bookmarking favourite news articles to booking an appointment everything was made simple and easy to use.


In addition to all these, NHS also wanted to let the GP and patients aware of the latest happenings in the organization, important news, health tips and related articles through RSS.


When NHS made an effort to provide a digital platform for patients and GP, it was Digiryte's pleasure in accepting the project and complete with care and innovation at every possible step involved. Digiryte thanks NHS for providing this opportunity to serve the community.