Hosting and Maintenance

  • Reliable Hosting

    Hosting business online is an inevitable upgrade that every business owner must adapt to.

    At Digiryte, we offer premium hosting solutions with exceptional technical support for hosting your business online. With an advanced infrastructure and easy monitoring tools in place, we are able to provide a reliable and secure service along with 24/7 support.

    From simple shared servers, cloud hosting solutions and VPSs to highly secure dedicated servers and more... We have the Ryte solution for your requirements.

  • Server Maintenance

    Like anything else, servers require maintenance too. Fortunately, at Digiryte we have the Ryte team dedicated to this job. From handling server security and server software updates to alarm monitoring, tackling hardware issues and more, these guys are always on top of it.

    Most important of all, our servers are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year ... so you can be sure that if there's ever a problem, we'll be on it before you even know it!

  • Website Maintenance

    Websites need to be kept up to date too. From applying security patches to ensuring compatibility with new technologies, in an ever evolving world websites really need to keep up.

    Timely adoption of useful new technology can act as a catalyst for you business, but you got to know about it before you can decide to implement it. At Digiryte, our aim is to keep you updated as well. So not only do we ensure your system keeps running smoothly, we make relevant suggestions for improvements as necessary. We also ensure all your important data is regularly backed up in case things ever go really wrong and a recovery becomes necessary. Better safe than sorry!

    From monthly paid plans to bulk hour blocks, we offer a wide range of maintenance packages to suit whatever requirements you may have. We want you to have complete peace of mind knowing there is always someone at hand when you need them the most!

In today's world, every company will be an Internet company - or they won't be companies at all! - Andy Grove, Chairman, Intel