Digital Marketing

  • Digital Strategy

    When your aim is to gain traction for your business, to get a strong online presence, to sway people to purchase from you, or to simply attract more visitors to your online store, you need the assistance of experts in this field. Our digital strategists work with your core objectives to improve your online presence with your audience.

    What we don't offer are off-the-shelf, one-fits-all marketing strategies, because they simply do not exist. We do extensive research to create a holistic profile of your target market, your products and your brand in order to create a full digital strategy which is designed to work specifically for you.

    Best of all, everything is monitored and recorded so you can track your progress and we can fine tune the elements that bring you the best results. Marketing is not about being No. 1 on Google, its about investing in the right channels with the correct guidance to bring you the highest return for your money!

  • SEO

    Online competition is on a continuous rise, search engine algorithms grow in complexity by the minute, and any website that takes SEO lightly in such times doesn’t stand a chance. Your website’s search engine optimisation (SEO) approach has to be agile, responsive, and driven by an in depth understanding of where your website stands in regards to both search engines and your competition.

    What we do:

    Digiryte's SEO doctors perform a full diagnosis of your website's current position and prescribe strategic actions which help maximise online visibility. Our methodology is inclusive of a complete analysis to assess your website's strengths and weaknesses to determine a strategic plan for improved performance, ranking, and conversions. We identify both the on-page and off-page factors affecting search positions. Our comprehensive SEO audit report includes a competitive scorecard, backlink report, and a list of the site’s performance inhibiting factors.

    Some of our SEO processes include:

    • Competitive Intelligence: We perform an in-depth analysis of your site’s visibility, authority, and indexing, then compare the data with your competitors to assess your corresponding performance. With this information available, we create a progress plan and highlight the opportunities your competition may have missed out on.
    • On-Page Analysis: Even websites with outstanding potential can balk in rankings if they’re built without considering SEO best practices. We review sites for potential problems such as load errors, site/page speed issues, server issues, improperly configured robots.txt files, and duplicate / missing / non-indexed content, etc. We then apply the relevant fixes to create the foundation needed for a good marketing campaign to work
    • Enhancing Content Structure: Starting from titles and headings, body copy, keywords, and links etc., Digiryte’s SEO audit team has a passion for phenomenal content that appeals and converts. We’ll help you to spot any needed improvements and help deliver high-quality content that is even more engaging.
    • Improved Link Profiles: We produce in-depth analysis of your inbound and outbound links, keywords, anchor text, and metrics to identify opportunities for improvement. We also address unnatural or low-quality links, and plan for alternatives yielding stronger performance, better rankings, and higher conversions..
  • Pay Per Click

    Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is the definitive method for any business looking for immediate results. PPC has become a dominant source for companies seeking instant gratification, and in many cases can be the most rewarding of the internet marketing strategies. However, it can also lose you a lot of money very quickly if implemented incorrectly. Digiryte's PPC consultants ensure you get the most 'bang for your buck' by creating very targeted campaigns and continuously fine tuning them to identify patterns that will help increase your return on investment on an on-going basis

    Why Choosing Pay Per Click takes your business forward?

    Pay-per-click advertising is incredibly measurable and controllable. Deploying PPC advertisements has its own vital benefits.

    • Assured Search Visibility: PPC ensures that your link will appear in search results. The rest relies on the skills used to craft the advertisement and create the campaign.
    • Manage your budget: PPC allows for a predefined budget to ensure expenses are kept under control. And you only pay for clicks, so as long as the campaign has been setup correctly and your website is ready to convert traffic, you can expect some great results
    • Boost Organic SEO: PPC Ads generally bring in traffic with high click-through rates. Once the Ads are considered relevant and trustworthy, there is a high chance of users returning organically.
  • Content Marketing

    Your content is what drives people to your website, which is why sites that have good unique information rank well in search engines. Ensuring it is well written, relevant and engaging also helps increase the rate of returning visitors.

    Our Content Marketing Mechanisms:

    At Digiryte you’ll find a great set of skilled and influential writers and designers to help you tell your story. You will also find proven systems and technologies that bring scalability and sustainability to your content marketing program.

    • Market & Industry Research: Every business has its own set of goals, but one common thread is to ‘attract and retain customers’. To get a clear view on the opportunities it is vital to conduct research and gain awareness on customer motivations, challenges and communication preferences.
    • Strategic Plan: Can you identify well planned content? One that leads readers down the goal funnel, inspired by its relevancy and obsessed by curiosity? Audience segmentation has a significant contribution when creating content. We identify the different sectors within your target market, address each group’s unique challenges and deliver it at the right place, at the right time.
    • Crafting Content: With search engines now 'understanding' content, it is even more important to get the quality right. Crafting the perfect piece of relevant information that is well researched, clear, properly structured, maintains consistent flow, and engages the reader is an art in itself. Our talented writers write with a purpose; to create something that best reflects who you are and what matters most to your audience.
    • Target Distribution: Great content inspires action — but only if it’s immediately relevant and useful to the reader. We analyse each of your audiences to deliver helpful content on their preferred platforms, precisely when they’ve shown they’re ready for it.
    • Effective Promotion: Not everyone starts with an audience of hundreds and thousands of readers. Once you have great content, we focus on having it seen by the right people to create that base.
    • Accurate Reports: We keep our clients informed about the performance and effectiveness of their content by using engagement metrics. A good continuous analysis ensures you reach the right audiences every time.
  • Mobile App Design

    iOS is the driving force of the iPhone; the market leader of premium segment smartphones & Android, by Google, holds a lion's share of 82.8% of the smartphone market. Having the right app made for your business can help you make the most of this huge market. If your target audience include Apple and Android users then let's talk. With custom designs and bespoke app development we can help you make the most of this opportunity.

The future of advertising is the Internet. - Bill Gates, Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Microsoft Corporation