Creative Web Design

  • Bespoke Website Designs

    Want something that really looks unique? A design that really stands out of the crowd? Our hand picked graphics designers have the ability to create real pieces of art! Masterpieces that can really portray that image your business deserves.

    Besides that unique look, custom built design come with a number of additional benefits. For example, true freedom in creating flow and user experience as per your requirements. This can be restricted when using templates as they all have certain limitations.

    Custom built designs tend to also have an edge over templates when optimising websites for search engines, as well as being scalable for the future. Overall, if your budget permits it, they are well worth the extra cost they attract.

  • Theme Based Designs

    By starting with an existing theme, it is possible to build your website in just a few days! Once you select a rich and professional web template, we can get moving and create your website around it. Our design team shape the template to align it with your requirements.

    Choosing theme based designs can really help a startup or small business showcase their services and brand in a short span while keeping the costs low.

  • Website Animation

    Animations have become an essential web tool, making websites more interactive, fun and even more engaging. With high speed internet running all over the world, websites load with small GIFs to animations several minutes long with ease . Our design team specialises in quality animations for your online showcase. If you want to build a website with an added dimension, Digiryte is here to help!

  • Graphic Design

    In an age when nearly every business has a website (or more!), you need a look and feel that lets you stand out of the crowd. With our superbly talented graphics designers, Digiryte can help your website achieve just that! Our designers will analyse your market and create designs that will help you portray the image your business deserves.

    By defining the most appropriate colours, textures, and designs, we are known to come up with some truly amazing pieces for art! Knock the socks off mundane and behold brilliance!

  • User Experience

    It's not all about the looks! A good website goes beyond that and is optimised to enhance the feel, flow and usability of the entire system. We understand you want to look unique, but we also know the importance of keeping certain elements familiar and obvious to the user so they're able to navigate with ease.

    A good design isn’t just one that you and your customers like, but also one the search engines like. Our team focuses on material design rules to bring you the ultimate combination. A site that look good, feels good, and ready to be easily found online.

    And we don’t stop there! Our user psychology experts make recommendations that will not only improve the user experience on your site, but also help increase conversions. Of course, we all know how important that is!

  • Responsive Mobile Designs

    With the excessive use of mobile devices today than ever before, it is no wonder that more websites are now accessed through mobile phones and tablets than the traditional computers. The importance of your website being mobile compatible goes without saying.

    At Digiryte, all websites are mobile responsive by default. That means regardless of what device or screen resolution your site is being viewed on, we make sure it adapts accordingly for the optimum user experience.

    Want to go a step further? We have dedicated teams who specialise in creating mobile apps to make the experience even more rewarding. If your target audience includes Apple and Android users then let's talk. With custom designs and bespoke app development we can help you make the most of this huge opportunity.

  • Open Source CMS

    When your requirements can easily be met by a pre-existing open source content management system, there is little need to create something from scratch and bare the higher costs. Our developers have a vast amount of experience in designing high end websites on a range of content management systems, from WordPress and Joomla, to Magento, OpenCart, Drupal and many more!

    We can even create custom plugins and add-ons for these systems to give you that flexibility of deviating from the standard.

  • Bespoke Developments

    Despite so many pre-built systems being available in the market, new ideas and concepts still require a bespoke solution. Our highly experienced Ruby and PHP developers specialise in designing and developing systems that fit your requirements like a glove.

    The Digiryte design team specialises in creating professional systems with complete custom functionality right from scratch. This gives you complete freedom and flexibility to get a system that works exactly the way you want it to.

    So whether you need a new website, a custom built CRM system, or any other cloud based software, Digiryte is here to help!

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. - Steve Jobs, Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc