Why do you want a strategic digital partner?

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Ramesh Raja CEO August 07, 2017 18:00 6 min read 941 views so far!

“Success in business is amplified by one crucial factor; the presence of your brand in the digital platform”

Current digital era has made it mandatory for the businesses to embrace digital technologies for a sustainable and scalable business. With the evolving business trends and technologies, a lot more can be accomplished when a business owner aligns the business process with modern advancements and automates the business. Here are a few reasons why you need to have a strategic digital partner.


Digital Partners are companies with varied skillsets in latest technologies that enables to achieve anything possible in this digital world. The primary reason that businesses choose to partner with an agency is that they get an entire team of specialized, experienced professionals working on their project for significantly less than it would cost to build that same team in-house. Most small businesses don’t have enough work to justify bringing on a full-time developer or a full-time consultant. However, a large majority of companies would benefit from the services of each. Not only there are more people with different skillsets within an agency, but also with a greater depth of experience obtained by handling a large set of projects. These partner companies ensure their employees are on the process of continuous learning of the cutting edge technologies in the respective discipline. Thus your company gets a competitive edge on the digital platform with the partnership of these specialists.


The cost advantages of having a strategic partner are radical. In general, it’s significantly cheaper to partner with a digital firm to bring about changes in the operation rather than building a in house team. This being said, the size of your business and the requirement vary greatly based on the size of your business. Furthermore, a digital partner can help you to unleash the power of technology at a fraction of your operational costs. Partnering with an agency brings those skills and more to the table without any additional investment. 


Another benefit of outsourcing is seeing a big increase in your profits, productivity, level of quality, business value, business performance and much more by putting in proper automated systems. These systems have a greater impact on reducing the operational costs, cutting out wastes and increasing the gross margins thereby making your business more valuable. Partnering with a firm is much less commitment than hiring a full in-house team. Your company isn’t responsible for any recruiting, interviewing, onboarding, or any of the other time-consuming and often expensive tasks that come along with a new employee. Thus the operational overheads are kept minimal thus helping you to maximize your business efforts.


The core business aspects require more of your focus and efforts to achieve greater efficiency. Your digital partner will stand by your side helping you to concentrate on your core aspects while the non-core aspects are automated through softwares and in-place systems. This drastically reduces the workforce by employing right people at right place at right time. Thus your digital partner will take care of your automations, while you can focus on your core business aspects.


Partnering with an digital agency will enable you to get the right brains in the right quantities so that you get what you need and don’t overpay for what you don’t need. By having a strategic partner, you can get expert and skilled services. Your partner will be able to provide you more specialized and proficient process in the areas that may not be your core competency. And also performing all business process in-house will surely be operational intense affecting your throughputs. Thus partnering with a digital firm  enables you to cross-leverage the skills across industry verticals and technologies to achieve greater efficiency and quality levels.


Customer is the epicenter of your business activities. Any process that affect your business shall affect your customers. Automated business process and digital products will enable you to come up with an efficient business process thereby enabling you to make quicker deliveries to your customers. Inplace tailor fit tools like inventory systems, order tracking systems meeting your business requirements shall enable faster deliveries to your customers and your digital partner shall give you an competitive edge for you with these tools. Faster deliveries can also help you save on time.


Research says that bad customer service costs more than $300 billion globally each year. The presence of your brand on digital platforms will ensure your availability for your customers around the clock thereby improving the customer satisfaction. Customer relationship softwares and tools will let you to address the key issues faced by your customer and help you to focus on your deliverables. With timely deliverables and high quality services you can improve your customer satisfaction.


By automating your business with the digital applications and various systems the efficiency shall increase multifold. Your digital partner with an experience of handling multiple clients from various domains shall come up with innovative ideas and frameworks to have a greater efficiency and strong hold digitally. Your non-core business functions shall be automated efficiently by your digital partner, while your core functions can be efficiently carried out in-house. Thereby you can achieve overall efficiency and see an increase in your profits.


Your digital partner can help you gain a competitive edge in the market by providing access to specialized services for different business processes and thereby helping you to provide best-of breed services for your customers. Such strategic digital partners can give your business a competitive edge among your peers giving you a cutting-edge in the world market.

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