Why Digiryte loves innovation (And you should, too!)

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Ramki March 13, 2018 10:03 3 min read 925 views so far!

"Success is sure for anyone and everyone on the track,
where innovators sprint while others just walk."

Each neuron fired by your brain has a market value. The ideas which may seem lame to others might actually be that ‘Next Big Thing’ any investor or the market is longing for. That idea is called Innovation.

Innovation just does not mean creating something unique but also doing the usual thing in a unique way so as to optimize the time and cost incurred. In a nutshell, if you can solve a problem, you are an innovator and if you can automate an existing process using technology, you are still an innovator.

We at Digiryte, strongly believe that the words startup and innovation are closely associated. Startups are emerging everywhere in the cities of London, Berlin, San Francisco and more, but any business you start is not a startup because innovation casts a difference. So why do we love innovation? And why we want you to love it too?

Innovation challenges convention

Going via the unconventional route is possible only through innovation in fact. To successfully cross the road, less travelled on the path of innovation one should be ready to get rid of the old paradigms. Unreasonable goals or extreme targets often trigger this type of radical innovation which leads to significant advancements. There are instances where a revolutionary innovation created its own market which didn’t even exist earlier.

Innovators adapt success

Momentary self-regulations and periodic self-assessments must be the irresistible habits of any innovative startup team. Creating synergy by making strategic connections with other businesses or technologies may also lead to success while struck on the verge of failure. This, in turn, provides room to acquire larger rounds of funding by presenting yourself as an expanded entity.

In early 2014 with less than $1M a single-window chat assistant app, Haptik popped up in the market. After a year since inception, they went the extra mile in the shoes of the users and realised the need to automate the process. This led them to evolve as one of its kind messaging concierge application. This resulted in Haptik Chatbot raising more than $11.2M of funding, associating with Samsung in 2016 Q3, Coca-Cola in 2017 and the streak continues.

Innovators focus on delivering value

Innovators who create a product that directly meets the customer's needs shall succeed while others with the sole intention of delivering ‘something’ but of no value will return to the discussion board as soon as it hits the market. This is because the innovative product has been built upon interest and rational analysis of the problem to be solved rather replicating. If you are cut out for innovation and wish to proceed further in delivering that valuable product to your customers, let us help you!

Innovation disrupts constantly

Innovators know that any industry or even a long, existing process can be disrupted by innovating a useful product or a mandatory service using an entirely new technology. After continuous iterations, a disruptive innovation can even bring down the giants to their knees. This provides stealth to the innovators since they pitch into an existing market with a whole new technology. Apple iPhone will always be a great example of this for going ‘key’less into an existing mobile phone market.

At Digiryte, we live by the famous words of James Altucher,

“Ideas are the currency of 21st century. Become an idea machine.”

Do not let your brainchild worth millions forever stay in the exosphere, GET IT INTO REALITY.

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