Who is using Flutter?

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Flutter has been a game changer when it comes to app development all around the world. Massive companies such as Alibaba and Tencent in China have used the tool to develop their apps. Smaller enterprises that make apps like Earthrise, a climate change activism app, and Drawing References, an app that helps artists with their work have also been born out of Flutter.

What makes Flutter so popular?

The cross-platform ability of Flutter is what makes it such a popular app development tool. Being able to work on one version of an app, without neglecting other platforms, makes the process twice as fast.

According to the Flutter website, it has flexible UI (User Interface) which allows for more freedom for the developer to build more complex and beautiful designs.

Fast development has been the main focus for Flutter, and their Hot Reload feature helps with that. You can experiment, tweak and fix bugs quickly and easily, without the need to run the whole programme each time. This will also help you find errors in your code by not launching the Hot Reload, and telling you where the problem is. This again cuts down on development time.

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What new apps are being made with Flutter?

Loads of new apps are being made every single day. It is almost impossible to keep track because the technology is open source, meaning anyone can make an app. In theory, anyone could think of an idea, build the app themselves, all for free, and have it on the market and ready to go relatively quickly.

That said, there are a few apps that have come out that have caught our attention, either through what the app is or simply because it is a beautiful design. Here a couple of personal favourites :


This app was made by development company Motion Mobs, to determine what is a sandwich and what isn't. On the surface, this is a ridiculous app, and it is. But the interesting part is that the app is using machine learning to continually update its own knowledge of what is and what isn't a sandwich.

You, as a consumer of the app, take a picture of a sandwich and let the app decide if what you are eating really is the definition of a sandwich.

Yes, it’s kind of stupid and a bit of fun, but the technology behind it is impressive. The fact that the guys at Motion Mobs are utilizing machine learning to further the apps knowledge of what a sandwich is, is ingenious.

SpaceX GO!

Everyone loves SpaceX, and why wouldn’t they? And for those of you that like the follow the launches, here is an open source app that you can download from the google play store. It is simple, easy to read and easy to use. It has all sorts of information about launches, where, when, and what capsules are being used. A treasure trove for space geeks everywhere. Note, this app is not affiliated with SpaceX at all but is a fun tool.

What sparked our interest was the open source nature of the app. Presumably, it can be updated using information submitted by contributors. And here is where the Hot Reload feature of Flutter comes in particularly helpful.

Fun app for space enthusiasts, not on the App Store just yet though.

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