Proven Staff Augmentation Techniques That Work for Businesses 2020

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Staff Augmentation was like a novel concept of familiarity a few years ago. Many organisations were only concerned to decline standards of a skilled workforce that negatively affects the company’s operation. The technological rise has now made it possible to hire developers from any region of the globe to bridge the skills gap an organisation faces.

Global enterprises require access to expert support, from consulting to smart hands. Even firms that operate in Global markets find IT hiring quite a challenging and tedious task. Deloitte research says an organisation takes as long as 94 days to recruit a highly-skilled role. Harvard Business Review says more than half of the corporate report they lack digital skills to take their tasks managed. Entrepreneurs and business leaders are adapting to staff augmentation models to fill talent gaps in their tasks.

No organisation has escaped from the challenges of growing their team internally. Every corporation needs some talent injection to meet knowledge gaps that take place on their ongoing projects. Staff Augmentation solves your problem by providing qualified employees to cater to organisational requirements. It fulfils the talent gap and goes along to achieve corporate growth. It also provides corporations with industry-specific technical experience accelerating time-to-market.

It supports employers to attain their corporate targets and minimise project operating costs without bearing the financial obligations of the in-house workforce.

Additionally, firms get a wide range of options like career planning services, skill development opportunities, budget commendable and new technology training.


Most entrepreneurs are concerned about:

  1. Rising recruitment & operational costs
  2. Hiring process which is time-consuming
  3. High turnover & low attrition rates
  4. Skilled professionals deficiency
  5. Expensive liabilities of in-house employees


Staff augmentation can help you solve your problems with: 

  1. Control remote teams with desired methods 
  2. Integrate in-house professionals with remote teams
  3. Hire skilled professionals with project-specific skills for the desired period
  4. Lessen operational costs 
  5. Exceed your competitors without having liabilities of in-house employees 
  6. Gain corporate excellence 
  7. Meet strict deadlines without compromising efficiency 
  8. Guard your legal rights in various legal obligations 
  9. Assure transparency by monitoring the performance of remote teams
  10. Utilise state-of-the-art IT infrastructure of vendors
  11. Unburden yourself from liabilities of in-house employees
  12. Sustain growth even during attrition 
  13. Saves time and focus on core business operations 
  14. Convert your conventional business approach



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