Make sure that there is a demand for your idea before building an app

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“Market research is one of the essential stages in the app development process that so many developers often ignore this crucial step, maybe one of the gravest unspoken tragedies of our time.”


App ideas could either make or break your dream project. You may well recognise that familiar feeling when an exciting new idea strikes you out of the blue, and you see lines of code begin to drift in from your peripheral vision.


There is, however, more to build a successful app than merely turning an idea into a bug-free bundle of codes.


While the adrenaline of the initial excitement may be enough to propel you through hours of work, right now, you need to step back and see whether your idea is viable.


Yes, it’s possible to gauge the market demand for your app before you put it on the app store, and you should spend some time doing just that- Market Research.


Market Research gives relevant data to solve marketing challenges that today’s businesses face.


How to come up with app ideas?


#1: App Store

For killer app ideas, the first thing you want to do is go to the app store:


  • Check what kind of alternatives are available.
  • Analyse the market saturation and decide whether there’s room for your app. From conceptualisation to putting your app on the market, it may take months or even years. It is a big commitment, and you don’t want to squander your time on a project that may end up never taking off.
  • Discover critical features that lack in your competitor’s versions and other issues that they fail to address- If you can capitalise on those areas, you can enter the market as a powerful new contender.


# 2: User Persona

If you’re confident that you’re going to be working on an entirely new concept, it’s even more important to do the necessary research to evaluate precisely what purpose your app fulfils and who your target user is.


So you need to send out:

  • Questionnaires.
  • Feedback from real people tremendously improves the quality of your app and helps you address issues that you may not even have thought about before.
  • Imagine yourself in the place of your target user and ask yourself what you expect of the app?
  • Are there any unique features in your app that other developers have not implemented in theirs yet?
  • Does your app do the same thing as similar apps but quicker or in lesser steps?


Final Thoughts

It’s okay to take time to brainstorm and develop your idea. Never underestimate the power of preparation. It can transform your idea from a crude possibility into a well-defined structure that has both precise application and finesse.


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