How Staff Augmentation Helps Global Companies to Complete Their Projects?

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"The biggest challenge with having your own tech team is the skill sets that your business needs today may change in a matter of just a few months. Adapting to ongoing changes becomes even more complex when you've got a long term commitment with your in-house staff because not many businesses have static needs that never change."


In today's dynamic technological environment, there's a high risk for software development businesses from around the world. When you try to scale up your team internally meeting urgent skill requirements, it could be quite expensive as well as risky. So what approach could help you keep up with the technology trend and survive the industry competition?


STAFF AUGMENTATION- Hiring the right developers as needed can help you deliver a better product and reduce your time-to-market.


Firstly, we have to understand the actual meaning of Staff Augmentation. Picture this scenario. Let's say- Charles is an IT manager and has a considerable problem (actually a huge problem). His boss handed him a critical project, but Charles' lead developer is on medical leave. His boss told him to staff it up in the next 24 hours to launch the product as decided. 


So Charles does what other IT managers usually do - post the positions of IT jobs over the web. The outcome? you guessed it! Within a few hours, Charles is bombarded with irrelevant useless resumes. In the current market, the chances of finding the right candidate in this sector are already low, and extremely low when needed urgently. He finally finds the right candidate, but the cost is over budget, and the alternatives are to consider someone with fewer skills and expertise or try to find a suitable freelancer and risk reliability. As the clock ticks, the chances of finding the right fit diminishes. He can either bear the expensive operational cost or risking a failing project with the wrong team.


After a quick search online, Charles finds out about Staff Augmentation. Within 24 hours, he now has two skilled developers working for his projects and also serving as an extension of his in-house capacity without any hassle. The agency was already well-reputed and experienced, so he didn't even have to interview them; they were already used to working together on previous projects as they are already part of the same team; if there were any issues the agency would be able to change the developers immediately; and best of all, he could expand his team as needed and just as quickly! As it turned out, hiring developers via Staff Augmentation was the exact solution he needed. Staff Augmentation provides the best resources at the right time and place, letting you stay with modern business trends, supplementing real needs, giving resources for start-ups, mid-tier, or large enterprises immediately.


Staff Augmentation for Software Development

In a Staff Augmentation, you hire a resource or a team from a talented pool, managing them directly without any liabilities for being an employer. You have the full authority to control the project. These developers are skilled in a wide range of technologies like React Native, Flutter, Ruby on Rails, Node, and many more. 


How Staff Augmentation saves 70% of your cost?

Because in Staff Augmentation, there's no-

  • Payroll Costs
  • Infrastructure Costs
  • Software Licensing Costs
  • Legal & Administration Costs

What are the benefits I get in IT Staff Augmentation?

You don't have to provide your hires:

  1. An employment visa (they're part of your virtual team)
  2. Relocation allowances 
  3. Medical benefits 
  4. Accommodation 
  5. Taxes
  6. End of service benefits.


Seamless Collaboration

In a staff augmentation, your team is supported by a selected IT professional team that is immediately available by phone, email or chat.


They Work According to Your Time Zone

Staff Augmentation Outsourcing breaks geographical and time zone barriers impeding your project implementation - isn't it fantastic?


Full Control & Flexibility

You're able to manage the team directly.


Extra Resources

Reaching crunch? There's more Staff waiting to get your projects done. 


Multiple Proficiencies

Need web development, cross-platform software developers, project management skills, UI/UX designs? You're covered.



Staff Augmentation helps software development companies meet technical requirements outside their core skill set. Specialised members can be added to your teams on-demand and significantly reduce the challenges of growing your team internally. 


You can choose them for short or long term commitments depending on your project. No matter how urgent the need is, Staff Augmentation is the ultimate path of least resistance. It's a cost-effective way to increase capacity without quality sacrifice. To avoid juggling great business opportunities due to a lack of skilful tech expertise, connect with us to learn how we can help to grow your business.


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