Have an Innovative Product idea? Read this before choosing your digital agency

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Ramesh Raja CEO October 04, 2017 11:59 5 min read 2197 views so far!

To innovators, a new idea is like a baby that is still in its womb. With it, the entrepreneurial parent attach their dreams, goals and ambitions. Yet, often, the birth is far from expectation, leading to immense disappointment and heartache. Choosing an agency to bring your idea to life is a humongous decision and in the process you must make sure you are choosing an Innovation Anticipator and not just any digital agency. Many successful tech founders have consistently stressed on this disconnect and have made it a rule to choose an innovation anticipator over any digital agency whenever bringing something new to the market. Facts show that the vast majority of great ideas must embrace the fate of failure simply due to selecting the wrong guide to start with, so a critical decision like this is not one to be taken lightly.

Over time, words like stoked, chilled and vegged out have been replaced with newer vocabulary like Amazoned, Ubered and Netflixed. Similarly, the old age traditional Digital Agency and Web development agency have been replaced with more modern terms like Strategic Partners and Innovation Anticipators. Tech based new business models are disrupting markets by being Innovation Anticipators.

Today's digital organisations and their talent pool must comprise of innovation anticipators who do not solely rely just on earning money but are ambitious enough to solve the problem that you are trying to solve. Each member of the digital team must be business savvy, advisory, value-oriented and creative. Founders who are ready to outsource need to make sure that the digital agency they choose is actually an Innovation Anticipator and not yet another old age digital agency. Companies like ThoughtWorks, Pivotal Labs, Unisys and Digiryte are all innovation anticipators, and these firms share similar traits which make the founders’ idea a grand success.

These anticipators of innovation, have built a culture of innovation throughout their organisations. They are consistently focused on digital business transformation. They never lose sight of service excellence, consulting skills or communicating the value of new technology as they lead the business and its founders to embrace new digital opportunities. They build a strong foundation of culture and talent and ensure that they excel at all levels. Our own research with software developers, business analysts and growth hackers within these organisations proved that they truly are industry leaders when it come to idea validation and helping innovative founders to achieve a great product-market fit.

“Nowadays founders don't need conventional digital agencies to build their product but they need Innovation Anticipators to help them get to a PMF (Product-Market Fit)”

Unlike many digital agencies these innovation anticipators don’t just stop at building the product, they also measure the data and help you learn from it to pivot hard until you achieve a true PMF. These innovation anticipators know that the built product without the right Product-Market Fit has no value. On the other hand, most digital agencies don't have the expertise to measure the data that continue to help you steer your business in the right direction.

We wanted to uncover the secret sauce of these highly effective development teams within these Innovation Anticipators. What have they developed in their current teams, and what are they looking for when recruiting new colleagues? Of the 14 abilities, 13 are "human factors" rather than technical skills. The research underscores the long-awaited cultural revolution that is taking place in digital agencies today.

When it comes to new ideas, chances are a digital agency will build a product for money and send Client/Founder/Innovator home with a failed product. This type of digital agency won’t help you validate your idea before writing lines and lines of code to search for a scalable and repeatable business model.

On the other hand, innovation anticipators will build a product that you envisioned to solve a problem. They not only validate your idea but help you to get initial traction, measure the data to understand the user behaviour and then help you to pivot hard to scale.

Mantra for success is to choose a Strategic Partner & Innovation Anticipator to build your idea. Remember; the opposite of failure is success, but the opposite of success is not failure, it’s quitting. Working for PMF (Product-Market Fit) by pivoting enables you to  play a safe game rather than a blame game by choosing the wrong digital agency that can force you to quit!


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