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Innovation is the word that every company uses as a holy grail. It is assumed that it will make companies sell products and help them in growing their business.

But what is innovation? What is hidden under this word?

When we talk about innovation and entrepreneurship, we usually think of start-ups and great Silicon Valley entrepreneurs responsible for companies such as Google, Apple, and Adobe, etc. But contrary to the real, entrepreneurs are people who have a great push and a pioneering spirit and can face any adversity to reach their goal. At the same time, it is not true that only some people are enterprising and being innovative. We all carry this gene inside; we have all carried out some action in our lives that had a component of entrepreneurship and innovation within us.

Being an entrepreneur and an innovator does not necessarily have to be linked with starting a company or developing a product. An innovator could be a teacher who tries new ways to motivate his students to make their work more effective or it could be an engineer ideating everyday, all people can put their grain of sand to make things better, more efficient, and ultimately contribute something very productive to our day-to-day life.

For us to be innovative, we have to generate an ecosystem that encourages and allows people to think in the same direction. Universities, companies, and private or public research centres, all of them have to communicate, share, and collaborate so that this ecosystem is generated that will end up being in the benefit of all.

This is the real reason for the success of Silicon Valley-based companies. Their ideas move to get brainstormed in research centres and universities, mix with the others and new ones emerge from the mix. This breeding ground allows companies to emerge with the potential for innovation, so great, that they can end up competing with the giants of the sector.

And this is what the UK centric companies exactly need. We have a very good base - Universities that produce quality research, disruptive tech companies growing each day, and people with the initiative and desire to do things. With such a large pool of resources at our disposal, we can create an open ecosystem where collaboration is fostered allowing all parties and everyone to win, redefining the word innovation.

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