Big Blue Hotel


At the UK's most loved amusement park Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Big Blue Hotel serves a luxurious break for thousands of guests every year through their finest service.


Having served the privileged guests of Pleasure Beach for more than a decade, the focus of Big Blue Hotel shifted towards establishing their brand through an elegant web presence.

This included a website with a booking engine, a recommendation engine and to reap the best out of all these, the best strategical marketing ideas.


Building a website has always been a duck soup for our designers and developers. Still understanding the niche audience was our priority to solve the problem and serve the need at the best. While their offline presence itself was capable of building a huge brand value we obviously had the responsibility to widen it exponentially by sketching a convenient digital marketing strategy.


As soon as the contract was signed, our expert designers sketched the most elegant design for the website using vibrant colours which they were confident of attracting the visitors at the first glance. To live up to the words of our designers, the design was accepted by Big Blue Hotel with no need of further iterations.


The development team was already into building the reservation system for helping the guests to make reservations online. With the arrival of the design, a responsive website with high functionality was developed by embedding the reservation engine into it to look and work more seamless.


While making the reservation system to ease the guests was just half the problem to be solved, managing the reservations at the back-end for the hotel required additional effort. This was done using Boilerplate.


Taking the advantages of the technology available, our experts came up with a recommendation system to push notifications for the guests regarding 20+ venues and attractions available at the Blackpool Pleasure Beach amusement park. This system was also made to work in sync with the app built for Pleasure Beach to recommend Big Blue Hotel for the guests looking out for a stay.


To suffice the setbacks during off-seasons, a multi-channel strategy was designed for the Big Blue Hotel. Digiryte experts suggested the efficient use of social tools and search engines. The focus was on intriguing people by creating brand awareness and result in higher conversion rate during the peak seasons. Segmenting the target audience was the major priority and through clear targetted campaigns with clever timing, the traction proved the expected result.


The conversion rate of the target audience has been said to be increasing gradually along with the increase in revenue of the hotel. The crisp & clear website, clean UI and simple booking systems, spiced up with the innovative recommendation engine are doing wonders for Big Blue Hotel.