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UI & UX Designs

In an age when nearly every business has a website (or more!), you need a look and feel that lets you stand out of the crowd. With highly qualified graphics designers, Digiryte can help your website achieve just that! Our designers will analyse your market and create designs that will help you portray the image your business deserves.

But we know that’s not enough! A good design isn’t just one that you and your customers like, but also one the search engines like. Our team focuses on material design to bring you the ultimate combination of both.

And we don’t stop there! Our user psychology experts make recommendations that will not only improve the user experience on your site, but also help increase conversions. Of course, we all know how important that is!

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Bespoke Web App

Our developers have a vast amount of experience in developing high end websites on a range of content management systems, from WordPress and Joomla, to Magento, OpenCart, Drupal and many more!

However, despite so many pre-built systems available in the market, new ideas and concepts still require a bespoke solution. Our highly qualified technical consultants will help you design systems that fit your requirements like a glove.

The Digryte development team specialises in building systems in PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python and a number of other languages. So whether you need a new system built in a specific language, or require developing features on an existing system, Digiryte is here to help!

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iOS is the driving force of the iPhone; the market leader of premium segment smartphones. If your target audience include Apple users then let's talk. With custom designs and bespoke app development we can help you make the most of this opportunity.

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Android, by Google, holds a lion's share of 82.8% of the smartphone market. Having the right app made for your business can help you make the most of this huge market. Just give us a call and speak to one of our consultants who would be happy to discuss the best solution for you.

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Website Maintenance

Have an existing system that needs changes? Or do you just need someone to make tweaks now and then? Our maintenance packages allow the flexibility of having the Digiryte technical team on hand for whenever the need arises. Weather it’s a bug fix, a design change, an urgent security issue, or introduction of new features, let our team handle it while you take care of your business!

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Digital Marketing

Building a great website is one thing, but generating business through it is a whole different ball game!

Our marketing team specialises in increasing traffic to your website through:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Pay Per Click campaign management (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • and a number of other marketing techniques.

Our consultants carefully analyse your industry and competition, and take your budget into consideration to recommend the most viable marketing plans with the highest ROI

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Business Analysis

Data collection is invaluable to any business. But, does your data look like a new language to you? Digiryte is here for you to translate that data into actionable insights. Take informed decisions with the guidance of our data scientists and growth specialists to lead your organisation to a highly scalable, sustainable, traceable and repeatable business model.

In this world of ever disrupting technologies and over crowded markets, Business Analytics plays a key role to steer the organisations for its sustainability and growth. Digiryte helps developing new market insights to innovate and improve business processes, model and performance by assisting clients in optimising new opportunities (trends & patterns) with coherent data and statistics to make the right decisions at the right time.

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IT Risk and Assurance

When your business relies on your website, it’s security becomes paramount. From servers configured for maximum security to code that ensures optimum data protection, at Digiryte we take care of it all.

Site security is not a matter to be taken lightly, and our team is well aware of that. Our security experts do not wait for incidents to happen. We analyse your requirements and implement the appropriate level of protection to match your needs…. before you actually need it!

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Domain Expertise

We believe a satisfied client is the best business strategy of all.

Rinold Simon - Chief Digital Information Officer, Digiryte

Our Tech Expertise

We use only hard tested and battle proven technologies
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